The hunt.

As I see the bullet enter the deer’s heart, a lot of emotions are running through my mind. My heart is racing and I can feel my pulse in my temples. It’s the first land animal I have ever killed.  I go down the hill to go retrieve my kill, tears are running down my […]

But do you really want my life though?

While I’m writing this, I am having my 8th meal alone in an airport just this month after spending only 20 hours at home and I’m fine with it.  When people ask me how they can have my lifestyle, my first question is: what are you willing to sacrifice for it and how much do […]

The Spearfishing Prerogative

For the biggest part of my life I got my fish, like most people, at the grocery store. When I started spearfishing, I discovered a whole new world.  No more suspicious, polluted farm fish; no more species harvested by hundreds of thousands of gigantic nets. Just me and the ocean, catching my own dinner.  What […]